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The person registering on this Internet site, hereinafter referred to as the User, confirms that he has reached the age of 18 years.

By completing the registration form, the user simultaneously registers user accounts (hereinafter - the Account) on the sites -,,, and, hereinafter referred to as the Portals. Operator - The owner, maintainer and provider of the sites.

As user names, it is prohibited to register the names of companies, organizations, trademark measures, words that denote any services, names and surnames, names of people who are publicly known.

It is forbidden to register accounts by placing on another person.

As user names, it is not allowed to register words that are visually similar to other already registered User names.

By completing the registration form, as well as completing any questionnaires in other sections of the Portal, the User guarantees the truthfulness of the information presented.

It is prohibited to register accounts for the purpose of using the Portal resources for business, promotion of goods / services, promotion of any measures, dispatch of "fortune letters".

All Portal services, both free of charge and fees, are provided as they are. The Provider (operator providing the Portal operation, hereinafter referred to as the Operator) is not obliged to improve or change the Portal’s work if it does not satisfy the User.

The Operator makes no warranty regarding the Portal’s work and assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages that the User or third parties may incur as a result of the use of the Portal.

The User has the right to delete his Account at any time. In case of deleting an account it is not renewable and the money for paid paid services is not returned. After deletion of the Account, the User information (e-mail address, computer’s IP addresses from which the user has logged in) for 2 months is stored on the Operator’s servers.

The individual sections of the Site are subject to additional rules that are available in the relevant sections. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with these terms or not to use these sections. In addition to non-compliance, the same penalties apply as if these rules were not complied with.

The Operator is not responsible for the information (texts, audio / video files, images) placed on the Portals by Portal Users.

The user solely assumes full responsibility for the information (texts, audio / video files, images) placed on the Portals.

It is prohibited for sites to publish illegal content in the form of text, image, audio or video files, as well as information in the form of text, image, audio or video files protected by copyright that does not belong to this information bearer.

On the Portals, without the permission of the Operator, it is prohibited to publish references to other Internet resources for the purpose of advertising these resources.

It is forbidden on the websites to speak, use rude words, harass, humiliate, abduct, defame other users, place any information in the form of text or files that is offensive, threatening, blaspheming, defamatory, defamatory. For Users who do not comply with this provision, the Operator shall not allow the Portals to publish any type of text or eliminate these User Accounts.

It is prohibited for websites to place illegal information in the form of text or files. The Operator has the right to forward to the law enforcement authorities without warning any information about the User who has placed in the Portals illegal information, in the form of text, images or any files.

The Operator has the right to verify any files placed on the Portals by Users to evaluate their compliance with the Portal terms.

The Operator has the right to edit or delete any User-located information - texts, images, video / audio files without providing any explanations from the Portals.

The Operator is not responsible for the content of the ads posted on the Portals and the quality of the advertised goods or services. This is the responsibility of the advertiser.

The operator is not responsible for the content of the Internet resources that have links to this site.

Portals may contain erotic, sexually explicit information in the form of text, image, video or audio files.

The operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the information if it is republished from another source of information.

The Operator can eliminate any Account without warning if its owner has not logged in to Portals every 90 days.


Any disagreements, conflicts between Portal users, if any, should be resolved by Users only privately. In cases where this is done publicly, by posting in news, discussions, chat, advertisements, etc., the Operator forbid this clause from being able to publish any type of texts on the Portals.

It is forbidden to publish on the websites websites announcements, invitations, etc., addressed to a particular person. publicly available sections - discussions, chatting, etc. Negotiations involving two persons or negotiations that do not apply to all Users must be resolved privately.

Users of the Portals are forbidden in any way to harass other users, and publicly discuss them and their activities (discussions, chatting, etc.);


The Trolling problem is becoming more and more topical in the Internet environment, especially on Internet sites, where it is possible to publish texts that are visible and well-visible to all users, not just friends or persons who "subscribe" to a particular person’s texts. These Portals are one of those sites.

Trolls (deliberately or unknowingly) and Trolls’ feeding on the Web sites are strictly prohibited. Trolling is the publication of provocative news in discussions, chatting, etc. with the aim of creating conflicts, disagreements, tensions, teasing, provoking other people. Those who do this are referred to as Trolls in the Internet environment, while those in charge of Troll provocations are called Troopers. There are Trolls who deal with Trolling unknowingly, but there are those who do it deliberately, calling their actions as criticisms, humor, opinion, etc.

About Trolling Portals are the following:

- Publication of non-site-compliant texts in discussions, chatting, etc., so that after such texts are deleted, protested against it or declared to be a person who has suffered from the Operator’s or moderator’s arbitrariness, insulting the Portal Operator or moderators in the restriction of freedom of speech, censorship, arbitrariness , incompetence, etc. Engaging in such discussions or "support groups" for "victims" is tantamount to Trolls feeding.

- discussions about the Terms of Use of the Portal, about what is right or wrong on the Portal, or about the topic "I do not like this site, but elsewhere is better, more interesting, cheaper, etc." (if you do not like, you can delete your account at any time, because there is no need to be forced there);

- Portal Operator, Moderator Action Evaluation, Discussion; discussions about deleting or editing text, the validity of images. Erasing and erasing text or image comparisons, such as: "My photo was not approved yet, but other profiles have exactly the same photos";

- moderator, administrator "hunting" - an attempt to "compute" users with moderator or administration rights and public discussion about it.

- Publication of texts intended to seduce Portals, Operators, Moderators, Portal Users.

- Invisible or other publishing of non-textual texts in discussions, chatting, etc., such as Chinese, Arabic, etc. languages ​​or non-existent phrases, chaotic burst letters.

- impersonation of the portal administration representative;

- the dissemination of lies, rumors, fantasies, asking them to be a verified truth;

- Discussions, recording in a chat with requests to explain why one or the other message, image, etc. was deleted. (you will receive a response if you read these terms)

If, after reading this section of the Terms, you have a desire to open a discussion, publish a comment in a chat, do not be afraid if after that you will be denied the opportunity to publish public texts.


By registering on the Portals, any person declares that he has understood and fully agrees with these Terms and Privacy Policy and undertakes not to challenge or raise any objections to these Terms and Privacy Policy.

The Operator has the right to change and supplement these Terms and Privacy Policy, without informing the Users separately.

It is the user’s responsibility to follow changes to these Terms and Privacy Policy and to delete your account if the User does not agree to any Policy or Privacy Policy.

The Operator shall close access to the Portals to any User who does not comply with these Terms and Privacy Policy.

Privacy policy

Providing personal data is a prerequisite for creating a profile and receiving services on the Portal. By registering on the Portal, the User agrees that the Operator processes his / her personal data both in the Web version and in mobile applications.

In the "Settings" section of the portal, the User has the right to manage, edit, delete information provided to himself. To use Portal, some details must be specified, such as an e-mail address, date of birth. However, the User has the right to delete this data by deleting his profile and terminating the use of the Portal.

The user is entitled to receive a copy of his / her personal data by requesting it under the "Help" section. A copy of the data will be prepared within 7 days.

What information do we handle

By registering on the sites, the User must provide various types of information that will be used for the following purposes:

1) Creating a user session on the Portal (e-mail address, phone number, password), access to restore if a password has been forgotten. This data will not be visible to other Site users.
2) Data to be published in the User Profile - for example, place of residence, age, height, weight and other physical characteristics, interests, marital status, sexual selection, photos, video, location (only if used in the "Map" section), language knowledge This data will be visible to any Site Visitor.

We process all this information as well as your published content on Web sites such as blogs, ads, photos, videos, events, discussions, comments, and groups.

We process information about your friends, favorites, people on your Black List, people in your "Want to meet you" list, about the events you are logged into.

We process information about the devices you use to access Ports (type of device, operating system, Internet browser, Internet communications operator, IP address, device location, connection time, activities on the Web site.)

If you make payments to the Portal, we process information related to your payments.

Users should provide true information in their profiles. If the User changes the information in the "gender" section more than 3 times during the 6-month period, his account from the portal is deleted. Each time the user changes the information in the "gender" column, the action performed will be visible on his profile and this information will not be deleted as long as the user profile exists.

If the User profile contains obviously incorrect information (for example, gender - woman, age: 90 years, height: 150cm, weight: 50kg, want to get acquainted with a man from 18 to 19 years old) The user profile is deleted.

If the Operator receives a complaint that a User submits to the User in the communication with other Users what is not (for example, the man claims to be a woman), the Operator has the right to request that the User upload (subir) two of his photographs in which he has a paper sheet in his hand with your nickname or ID number in the Portal. The operator can mark the photos of the User with the logo of the Portal.

Portal use cookies.

What goals do we handle?

We process the information to ensure the functioning of the Portal, provide services and provide the opportunity for Users to find other Portal Users according to different criteria - age, physical data, interests.

We process the information to verify your identity and prevent the unauthorized use of the Portal, protect the interests of the Operator and other Users.

What information should not be published on sites

When registering on the Portal, it is forbidden to use a user name (nickname) that could identify a person, for example
liga-berzina (name and surname)
kalnins (surname)
kristine1975-iecava (name, year of birth, place of residence)

Profiles with the following user words from Portal will be deleted.

It is forbidden to publish personal data of other people, photographs of other people. If you see the User and other people in the photo, everyone should get permission to publish the photo on the Portal. Such a photograph must be marked as "private".

It is prohibited to publish any type of private correspondence between Users, even if the names of the persons involved in the correspondence are not published.

How can other people have access to your information?

Information published on your profile (such as age, gender, place of residence, physical data, interests, activities, friends, groups, photos, videos, etc.) is available to all Portal Users, as well as to a limited number of unregistered Site Visitors and search engine robots.

Portal Users and unregistered Portal visitors, including search engine crawlers, can see your published content, such as comments, blogs, discussions, events, participation in events, and more.

Other Users will be able to see that you have viewed their profiles or photos.

You can use the "Private Photos and Video" option on your websites. Photos marked as private can only be seen by people who have received your permission ("Permissions (photos)" section.) Be very careful with this option because it only hides the location of your private photos. Anyone who has access to your private photos can be stored on your computer, sent to any user of this page and anyone who does not visit this site. Anyone who knows the address of your private photographs will be able to view and copy them. In no case will any of the Internet resources be downloaded or sent photographs (not public or private) that can compromise you in some way.

Transfer of data to third parties

Unless specifically agreed with the User, his data may be transferred to the following third parties:
- Latvian/Lithuanian and foreign payment processing systems, legal services and financial accounting companies,
- Latvian/Lithuanian and foreign tax administration institutions,
- Latvian/Lithuanian and foreign competent law enforcement agencies.

Such third parties may only transfer data to the minimum and necessary extent, and only if they have entered into appropriate confidentiality obligations.

  The following third-party services are used by the portal: - to send e-mails to User´s e-mail addresses (the third party has access to the User’s e-mail address and the content of the e-mail sent);
- send SMS messages to the User’s mobile phones (the third party has access to the User’s telephone number and sent SMS content);
- To receive the content delivery network (CDN) and reverse proxy server services (this is necessary to ensure faster and safer operation of the Portal).

Communicate with Users by email and phone

The Operator, without the User’s permission, does not send the User commercial information or other unclaimed information, however reserves the right to contact the User by e-mail or telephone in cases related to his account / profile, security or significant changes to the Portal’s work, regulations or privacy policy.

Data deletion from Portal

If the Portal User deactivates his account, other users can no longer view his profile. Within 10 days the User has the right to reactivate his account. To do this, you need to create a new session with your user name and password. If this is not done, after 10 days, the User account and profile will be deleted altogether.

If the User wishes to delete his profile immediately after the deactivation of the account, it can be done by writing to the portal’s e-mail address. The request must come from the e-mail address located in the User’s account.

In order to avoid fraudulent activities and unlawful actions (for example, a third party has in some way stolen the User’s password and erases his account), the Operator may keep the following information for the User within 90 days after deleting an account:
- E-mail address,
- Phone number,
- IP addresses
- Activities on the Portal.

90 days after deleting an account / profile, the User will not be able to create a new account with the same telephone number.

After deleting an account / profile, messages that the User has sent to other Users, his comments in other User galleries, blogs, discussions, and other places may not be deleted.

After deleting an account / profile, personal data may be processed if the law in force so provides.

Because Portal use CDN services, user photos and videos can be stored on multiple servers in different parts of the world, so after deleting these files, they may still be available to Users for some time until they are deleted from all servers.

If the User violates the Terms of Use of the Portal, the Operator has the right to delete the User Account / Profile, even if he uses paid services. Money for services is not returned in this case.

If the User has engaged in the Portal actions that are in conflict with the Portal’s terms of use or the Privacy Policy, the Operator has the right to block his telephone number in order to prevent the creation of a new account / profile with the same telephone number. In this case, the locked telephone number is not associated with any other personal data from the deleted account / profile.

The operator may change these terms at any time. In case of significant changes, the User will be informed.

Who handles data and where is it stored?

The data is processed by Operator. The primary location of the data is the company’s OVH servers in France, but data copies can be stored in other countries in order to ensure faster operation of the site.

The operator may change these terms at any time. In case of significant changes, the User will be informed.

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